Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Another job done!

More work on plot 121 took place today.....

As you can see there is this tiny little weed that has tried to take over
but this little weed didn't bank on Ali, her spade and her new found love of digging!

So 121 is now all weed free and has had it's 1st rake over.
I have decided that this is where my potatoes (or at least some of them) are going to go this year.

Over on 144, I did a 1st rake over on the little patch of earth in front of the shed.
Tomorrow (weather depending) I will lift the ground cover that you can see just to the left of the picture,
and dig that over.

My reward?

Leeks for dinner - yummy, and they smell divine.


Mrs Jones said...

Wow! Am VERY jealous of your leeks - mine are weedy by comparison! What variety are they?

Maureen said...

You are so enthusiastic, I'm still just thinking about doing some digging, reality hasn't kicked in yet. Have fun x

Kella said...

Those are some whopping big leeks.

And could you slow down a bit you are giving me guilty complex ;)

Ali said...

Mrs Jones, Leeks - haven't a clue! I start them off now, in pots, then put them in the ground when they look sturdy enough (the size of a pencil) and leave. That lot I start off about July and left over winter.
Mo - I am sitting here now thinking about what to dig next. If I run out of plot to dig I might have to start on my neighbours!!
Kella - I am on a roll so doubtful that I can slow down - sorry!!

p.s. the leeks tasted SO good - it's not a myth that you can really taste the difference - from the earth to home in 5 minutes really does make the difference! I might get an old frying pan this year and put it on my calor gas stove and fry up some stuff right there and then like that chap on the telly!

Kella said...

Thats Ok Ali you dig on I can't possibly take away a girls happiness can I know :)

You certainly can't beat the taste of really fresh harvested food, both my kids have said that they find eating store bought veges in the winter unappealing.

Jo said...

You're steaming ahead with your digging. Your leeks are fantastic. Mine didn't really bulk up, and besides, they're all gone now. I'm going to grow more this year as they really do taste better than supermarket bought ones.