Thursday, 11 March 2010

Earthworm Rescue!

It was so cold when I arrived at the Lotty today, that I nearly turned back and headed for my nice warm house!

However I soldiered on and put the kettle on first thing.

I then dismantled the Brassica Cage and folded the netting away, dug out the brussels sprout plants and took off what was left.....

I also found a potato yesterday, so it looks like Bubble "N" Squeak later for dinner.

So I now needed to warm up, so out came the spade and fork and I got digging where the brassica cage used to be. 

I then uncovered the area of ground in front of the Greenhouse, where some of the potatoes went in last year

And dug that over too!

Ah, now to the worms and the title of this post.
I have never seen so many earth worms in all my days!  As I was digging, they were surfacing, and I didn't want to accident put my spade through one and kill it, so I spent a good deal of time picking them up and chucking them over to the bit that I had raked yesterday....

Two of the stars of the show!

So after a few hours of digging and two very unexpected visits from Derek (and Laddie) and from Ron, who both walked all the way up from the other end of the plot to say "hello" I decided to call it a day.

What a lovely sight!

And on my way to the gate, I noticed that the fruit trees are already in early bud!


Mark N said...

Your're a busy bee. As for the worms, if you do happen to catch one with the spade, won't both halfs live, or is that an old wives tale?

I'm not suggesting anyone one goes chopping them up on purpose, but I'd be interested to know if that's just a schoolyard myth.

Ryan said...

A good days work indeed! I can't wait to get my allotment now.


Maureen said...

Ali I wished you lived near me as I need someone with your enthusiasm to get mine going. I have been so busy lately doing everything on my own. (Austin out of action for another 4 weeks) I even had to clean the car in the cold today, so all I achieved lottie wise was to venture up there with our big bag of kitchen scraps and the neighbours too (they save theirs for me). When I took the lid off the compost bin it was full of lovely big fat worms. I never in my life thought that I would love worms. I adore them !! OK maybe that's exaggerating a bit !!
Have a great week-end, I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow scary !!!

Kella said...

I had shopping errands to do today but I'm sure your digging kept you nice and warm.

Sunday if its dry I hope to do some digging as well, I just hope the wind dies down by then it is perishing, brrrr!!!

Ali said...

Mark N - I am a busy bee you are right there! I can't bear the thought of harming anything so I will leave that experiment up to you!

Ryan - I am glad that I have inspired you to get going.

Mo - I will be glad to come by your way and help you dig for the day as I love digging so much. Hope you have a great weekend &

Kella - Yes, the digging did keep me warm thanks goodness, or I would have turned around and come home! Rain here today so no digging for me :0( - got neighbours kids coming over to make thier mum a card for sunday after school instead!

Thanks to you all for reading my rants and raves - I love to dig and I love to blog!

Jo said...

It's looking great, you're putting me to shame. It's raining heavily here again today so I'm betting that the soil is going to be too claggy to do any serious digging this weekend, I'm getting so behind.