Saturday, 13 March 2010

It's getting exciting!

As I walked into my utility room yesterday evening, I noticed something "green" beneath the plastic lid protecting the seeds I had sown.

To my astonishment (as I am always astonished by such things) I noticed that a courgette had started to break through the soils surface and next door, so had a dwarf french bean!

How thrilling!

This is the courgette close up.

And on further inspection, I noticed that the Broad Beans were joining in too!!

I have just been back there this morning to check on progress and this is what I have found - and it's ever so exciting.....

The tomatoes have done their thing overnight!

More Broad Beans are sprouting and last by not least.....

The courgette has turned into a Loch Ness Monster!

Until next time folks as I am off to the Allotment now to check on the heater in the Green House, water the Peas & Leeks and to pay my bill at the Trading Hut for the paraffin I purchased "on the slate" last weekend.


Kella said...

Oh how exciting I have little sproutlings too :)

Mrs Jones said...

Blimey! Isn't it a bit early for courgettes? If it isn't, I'd better get a shufty on!!!

Jo said...

It's always so exciting to see all the seeds germinating. Some of mine are at the potting on stage so it looks like I'll be busy this weekend.