Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Down at the allotment today....

It was a lovely morning, hubby was going to play golf, the dogs were with their favourite person (the mother in law) and I had a free day, so I decided that at day at the allotment was in order!

Am I mad?  Shouldn't I be going shopping?? Nah!

So I started by raking over what I had previously dug over....

I then prepared some rows for spinach, which I protected with a fleecy poly tunnel, as the nights are still a tad cold

and then I prepared some nursery beds which I dressed with a 75ltr pack of Multi Purpose & protected with 2 x plastic poly tunnels, so that the soil warms up ready for the seedlings.

Talking of seedlings, I have some good ones in the GH!


Broad Beans sprouting at the back & Cos lettuce (just sown)

I also sowed some sweetcorn in those tub things, as this worked well last year.


Jo said...

You're really putting the work in, Ali. You should get some great crops to show for it. I've got lots of seedlings in the greenhouse too, but my allotment hasn't been dug over yet.

Kella said...

Another productive day for you I see, but isn't your sweetcorn a bit early or are you planning to keep potting them on to prevent them getting root bound, I plan to sow mine three weeks before the begining of June.

Maureen said...

All looking great and very neat Ali. Sometimes I wish I had a normal plot IE: square or oblong instead of boomerang shaped and on a slope like mine, ah well I suppose it's different.
I'm sowing peas and more flowers today.

Mark N said...

You guys (and gals) with greenhouses get on real early with your seedlings. My sweetcorn wont be going in until early May!

The plot is looking very tidy Ali. I'm self-employed and work from home and you're making me very jealous that I can't get down there at the moment, due to pressure of work. Just wait 'til next week tho...

Ali said...

Thanks to you all for all your kind comments!
The truth is, I may need a foot operation very soon as I have "fluid" on the foot (where a bunion normally is) so I will be out of action for 6 weeks. I find out tomorrow as I am going to see the consultant for the results of my ultrasound scan.
Fingers crossed eh!

Jo said...

Good luck, Ali. Hope it all goes well for you.

Ali said...

Hi Kella,

I looked at the sweetcorn packet, and it said it was fine to plant indoors in March!
I have used those biodegradable pots that you can put straight in the soil to prevent root disturbance. I think that's what I did last year, but I will go and check as I am using the same seeds.