Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday's Efforts on 144.....

It was too good, weather wise, to stay indoors after a two hour stint at the Trading Hut, where brisk business was made as the sunshine brings the allotmenteers to their plots!

So I decided to pop home for a quick cuppa, and a warm up - my toes were frozen - and then head straight back to do a few little jobs on 144 like.....

Tidying up the Greenhouse

Sowing some leeks and peas

Then I weeded and de cloched the 3rd raised bed - it has Leeks and even some Spring Onions remaining!

I weeded the middle bed and wanted to rake it over but I forgot my rake head in the shed
at home (it's one you attach to a long handle)

I then went on to weed raised bed #1 where the broad beans are growing
I staked all the broad beans too - I looked that bit up in my book that I keep in the
Greenhouse as I wasn't 100% sure they had to be staked, but then I remembered doing it last year, so best to double check as the cold air was mushing my brain a little!

Just in case you are thinking 
 "oh no, it can't be warm enough overnight in the greenhouse for seeds to germinate?"
Well I am lucky enough to have been given
a paraffin heater

Which has been tried and tested by good old Arthur, our delivery boy a the Trading Hut.
It's a double wicked one and is ready to go
so I will pop down there a bit later on to set it alight
and will go down there in the morning to turn it off & hopefully it will do the trick
as the frosts have not left our part of the world just yet.

So another hour, or maybe two, but lots done, and on my return home my lovely husband had
repaired my hail storm damaged cold frame that's in the garden....

.....with a piece of left over poly carbonate sheeting from the greenhouse
I was thrilled that he had done this and it looks ever so smart!


Rachael said...

Be careful with your parafin heater that you keep the wicks very short - otherwise your greenhouse will be full of smoke in the morning which will stick to everything (as I learnt to my cost last year!)

Maureen said...

WOW you put me to shame, I haven't done any digging or raking this year yet,

Kella said...

I got some digging done yesterday not as much as i had hoped but enough to say I have gotten started.

Lucky you a pariffin heater, we also are waking up to frost every morning, some days heavier than some. But the sunny days of the last week has kept the greenhouse lovely and warm so I have been carrying my tray of sown seeds into the greenhouse in the morning and retrieving them in the evening.