Sunday, 21 February 2010

Potatoes, Spuds, Tatties are chitting in my bath - yes my bath!

Well, as per last year, this is the only available place left - the family bath in the family bath room.  Fortunately we have an ensuite shower room and to be "greener" we do take 99% showers and 1% baths, so this seems like the obvious best use of space!
As you can see, I have used currently unused seed trays, as I didn't save enough egg boxes,  but I have labelled them all up with my trusty DYMO so that they don't get confused.  I mean I don't get confused!!

The surplus went into the few egg boxes that I did save!

I have chitting away....

 1kg of Pentland Javelin
These first early Pentland Javelin seed potatoes have white, waxy flesh and a creamy texture making them an ideal potato for boiling or in salads. These are slightly later than other first earlies, but grow well in all soil types and have good all-round disease resistance, especially golden eelworm.

Earlies are less likely to encounter pest problems as they are lifted so much earlier in the year. These can be planted in the south ( UK) mid March; further north by late March / early April.The actual time will depend on weather conditions. First early potatoes should be planted in rows allowing about 30cm between tubers, and 60cm between rows.
3kg Desiree
Desiree is the most popular red potato – it’s a main crop, dependable and a good all rounder. This red skinned, yellow-fleshed potato produces heavy crops, even in dry seasons. These have a waxy texture, excellent flavour and are great for baking and lovely mashed, it also stores well too.

Main Crop potatoes such as these can be planted in the south ( UK) during the first half of April; further north by late April - the actual time will depend on weather conditions. These potatoes should be planted in rows allowing about 30cm between tubers, and 75cm between rows.These potatoes can also be grown in a potato barrel or a patio potato planter. Remember, these give a heavier crop than the Earlies.
3kg Cara
Late Maincrop.
Round/oval pinkish-red eyed tubers with soft moist flesh. Particularly good baker. Withstands drought. Very disease resistant, including golden eelworm and blight. The allotment favourite.

1kg Rooster
A very tasty red potato originly from Ireland. It is a truly excellent all round potato, producing oval tubers with pale yellow, dry, floury flesh. This will soon become a popular standard - so do give it a try.

Uses: Baker/ Fryer/ General Purpose.

So I will be a busy bee soon!
Chits away.....