Sunday, 21 February 2010

It's getting bigger & Crochet at the allotment

35 Squares later - ok so there this one missing, but I have started it as you can see below......

I have to go and help at the allotment shop this morning from 945am to 1200 noon.
I might take it with me.
I did last week, but we were so busy, I didn't get a chance to put the hook through, or the yarn over once!!
If I don't take it today then it will be quiet and I will get bored.
So decision made.
My crochet bag will come with me.

Crochet at the allotment!

I managed to crochet a square and a half!

Toodle Pip


apieceofwood said...

Multi tasking girl, that's what I like!

Albertina said...

I saw your comment on Twitter asking about a crochet motif book by Jane Eaton. That is a good one but look for anything by Sylvia Cosh, James Walters and Melanie Griffiths as well. A good place for out of print books is Abebooks. I tend to find great crochet books in the library and then buy them that way if I can find them. Another place to look is a website called Crochet Pattern Central (US crochet terms mostly).

Ali said...

apieceofwood - That's women for you! :0)

Albertina - thanks for the Tip re: Abebooks - I have placed my order & just waiting for confirmation that its in stock. Fingers crossed!!