Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Blanket Grows.....

Amongst a few / many "granny squares" I have had time to make a few different squares to "Jolly" up the texture of the blanket overall

Here is multi coloured "plain ridged" square

This is the "wheel in a square" which I have attached to the main piece to make up the last piece in that block

Now, this I am rather proud of - ok it's only a treble square, but I used the pattern that I got from the Art of Crochet Magazine, and had to calculate the foundation row to make the square the right size to fit with the rest of my 7 row Granny Squares.  I love the pattern created here.

Another plain ridged square in Paprika and Parchment
And finally another pattern from the art of crochet that I had to adapt / calculate.  This is a row of Double crochet with a row of alternating double and treble crochet.  This again gives a lovely patter to the finished square and something a little different to the classic Granny Square.

And here it is so far.........

I have another 10 squares which I have just finished and they will be added soon - about another 120+ squares to go I reckon.

I love Crochet.
I love Allotments.
I love blogging!

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Maureen said...

Hi Ali, it's looking fab, I love the colours. I used the double crochet pattern squares in mine as well. I stopped buying the mag after No 5. I didn't like the wool and I would rather buy myself a crochet book for the money. I have a long way to go to finish my throw. I posted some photo's on my craft/recipe blog.