Sunday, 15 November 2009

My lovely greenhouse!

As you can see, I was shocked on my arrival at the allotement for shop duty today!  My Greenhouse got attacked by the winds over the weekend.  6 panels in all were missing.  All found bar one - that was until Arthur the Deliver Boy (who celebrated his 74th Birthday this week) spotted it on a small grass verge outside the allotment fencing.

The mess inside as awful, but the main job was to get the panels back on and to find all the "W" clips that had obviously NOT done their job!!

Luckily Nigel was on hand to help with the roof panels as I would never have reached up there.  I coped with the lower panels, however my nails didn't!!

So after a good hour, my lovely greenhouse, with the help of Nigel, Derek, his dog Laddy & Arthur (Derek, Laddy & Arthur formed the search party for panels) is now back to a more secure one.  I have been to the local Garden Centre and purchased a pack of 25 "W's" which I will go and distribute around the greenhouse panels later.

This is the shed on plot 119.  We called them to let them know that it would need their attention!

Lucky my Broad Beans have flourished under the protection of the mini poly tunnel, which the wind removed, and I found a few raised beds down! I have now removed the other poly tunnel, so as to harden them off before the frost well and truly come along.

The onions and garlic on 121 are both doing really well as you can see from these photo's!!


easygardener said...

I had 3 cloches sitting in the drive ready to put over some lettuce in the allotment. When I got back today I found they were in pieces all over the place. Lucky you were able to find all the bits of your greenhouse. Plastic panels can fly a surprising distance in the wind!

Nell Jean said...

I know this feeling. Good idea to get more clips. I use a bungee cord to keep the door of mine from opening and latch everything so the wind blows over, not through.

Kella said...

Yep my greenhouse also lost a pane of glass to the winds as well (that was some wind), hubby repaired it with some acetate sheeting I have lying around.

mangocheeks said...

Early in the year, my greenhouse not only lost its panels, it was all mangled. So I know how you feel.

mangocheeks said...

I went over to the plot yesterday and guess what I saw, my greenhouse had been completely relocated due to the high winds in the middle of the week - how gutted am I?!

Ali said...

Nell - yes got 25 more clips and cliped them all in - no fingers or nails left but a small price to pay - touch wood it's been ok since.
Easygardener - Sorry to hear about your cloches - that's such a shame!
Kella - My word, that much have been a strong wind to shift a pane of glass!! Glad you had hubby to help.
Mangocheeks - really sorry to hear about your greenhouse - is it salvagable????

Kella said...

Thats really bad news mangocheeks, hope its salvagable.

Maureen said...

Hi Ali, I have an award for you on my blog, I hope you will accept it.But will understand if you don't do awards and things. M x

moosh said...

The onions and garlic look very healthy. Glad you were able to get things back together.