Sunday, 25 October 2009

Another Hour & a half down the plot.....

I was in the right place at the right time - some left over turf were going spare yesterday, so I asked if they were going to be chucked on the compost heap, whether I could have them?  Low & behold, this morning they were on plot 144!  All I had to do was lay them out and water them in!

A very sad looking greenhouse, inside and out!
I pulled the pin from the auto closer on the roof vent and put a piece of wood on top to hold it shut, as I don't want a strong wind to get under it and pull it clean away.

And finally the new path looking from the Shed / Greenhouse end towards the entrance end!

I also dug in two bags of horsey poo on plot 121, tied Hilda to the fence as her stake is now broken and she keeps falling over head down into the soil, and I also added a load more kitchen scraps to the compost heap!



Ryan said...

Looking good down on the allotment Ali!

Keep up the good work!


mangocheeks said...

That turf path looks great.

So much work still to do at the allotment, and the evening are getting darker. My ventures have been reduced to the weekend, even then the rain keep me home. What a wimp I am!!!