Sunday, 18 October 2009

Horse Poo does wonders!!

Well first things first.  My first port of call was the Trading Hut where I purchased 4 large bags of Horse Poo or Stable Manure for £11 - Bargain.

These were delivered to plot 144.

However there was a more pressing task at hand.
My onions and garlic were being played with - could it be the foxes? could it be the birds?  whatever it was, it was concerning Derek & Ron who came to the rescue with netting and bamboos!
Bless them both

Between us we pulled the netting taught and staked it with the bamboo's to protect any more mis haps from taking place!

Ah, n0ow back to the horse poo - 4 bags were delivered to plot 144.  This meant a bit of hard work ahead!

So I thought I would put the kettle on to assist in quenching my thirst after some digging was done and some manure spread about on the patch by the shed (one bag), on the patch where the potatoes had grown (in the picture above)(two bags) and I dug, raked and put the final bag on Bed#2

I had to leave the wild violets in situ - they look so pretty when everything else is dying down at this time of year.  They just popped up in the summer by the peas.

Then I prepared Bed #1 by giving this a quick dig, raking the soil and .....
then I biked it down to the Trading Hut - 2 visits in one day - for a packet of Broad Beans!
In they went.
I was told that the foxes like playing with these as much as they like playing with the onions and garlic, so I put the plastic polytunnels over them until I can see some signs of growth.

And finally, I picked the remaining summer ball squash

That was me done in - 3 and a half hours of medium to hard labour in the sunshine was very invigorating and revitalising, but at the same time I needed to get home have a rest with my feet up on the sofa, so here I am now, typing away, updating this blog!

Lets hope for more nice weather next weekend!

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Maureen said...

Phew !! made me tired just reading it Ali ! I have been spreading cow poo on my plot today, and filled 4 wheelbarrow loads from the mountain of the lovely stuff, which is a bit of a trek away on my daughters plot (my plot was too awkward for the truck to get to)filling the wheelbarrow was hard graft, my arms ache now.