Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Note to self....

....for next year!

1. Tomatoes - 5 x roma plants in the greenhouse will be plenty

2. Cherry tomatoes - again 5 x plants outside would be just right!

3. Sweetcorn - 24 plants will be more than enough - remember to plant through black matting to add extra warmth to the soil and possibly try  butternut squash interplanting?

4.  Only grow white onions, as we have hardly used any of the red ones (but now trying to hide them in stews etc.

5.  Only grow about 3 or 4 tubers of earlies - no 2nd earlies and Desire & Cara maincrops - we still have some earlies to eat!!  I think they may end up on the compost heap!

6.  Change location for potatoes, onions, garlic & dwarf french bean - all to be grown on 121

7.  Take the marrows, sqaushes & courgettes over to 144.

8.  Remember to successionally grow lettuces, rocket & Mizuna - a small sowing once a week (nice thought)

9.  Grow more leeks - remember to sow more seeds next year, especially later on in the year!

10.  Stick to the above !

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maureen said...

Hi Ali, that's a good plan, now you have to avoid the temptation of planting too much next year, we all seem to do it, and it's so hard to throw any surplus away if nobody else wants them. There wasn't anywhere to post a comment on your last 2 posts, well I couldn't find one. :)