Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year

I have been away for the last 3 weeks in Jamaica (I know, lucky me) and have been meaning to get to the allotment since I came back earlier this week.

However due to the very wet & cold weather (rain not snow), and my mud phobia, I have been unable to visit so far.

As soon as I do, I will give you all an update.

Until then.....

Hope you have a great 2010


maureen said...

Hi Ali, great to see you back. Yes I know it's a very muddy time at the allotments and it makes me slightly depressed and puts me in a bad mood. so I try and avoid it other than to harvest.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours xx

Kella said...

Hi Ali, so thats where you disappeared to. Hope you had a great time.

It's all quiet here on the allotment and the garden front as well but I do look forward to your updates.

Wishing you and yours a great start to the New Year 2010, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

RHIANNON said...

happy new year
have fun avoiding the mud in 2010