Friday, 6 March 2009

Proposed Allotment Plot 144

This is my proposed plan for Plot 144.
I already have the 3 raised beds in situ and as I had a total raised bed system on my old plot, I fancy something different as I now have the opportunity to do so.
The green "clouds" are where my dual fruit trees are going to go - I bought apple, pear and plums - I have never grown fruit trees before so it will be quite exciting.
Next along, as you can see will be the old or traditional style beds - obviously with crop rotation in mind and then at the end, there will be room for my shed, greenhouse and the compost bin which Ian built for me in December - ok so it's not quite finished yet, but I think that the cold snap put him off so he's waiting for a lovely sunny spring day.

So what do you think?