Saturday, 7 March 2009

144 Progress is made....(what a day!!)

The old look - Plot 144

After a little bit of work.......

After a lot more work.....
Can you believe the difference - What a day!

I went to the lotty early, with the intention of just putting in the 3 "magic" fruit trees that I bought a few weeks ago, and that arrived earlier than expected - alot earlier! Probably my fault for being too keen whilst browsing the seed catalogue. Yes, you've guessed it - I was looking for seeds (as you do in the colder months) and whilst flicking the pages I came across these
As you can tell, I was tempted, so I bought a magic Apple, magic Pear and magic Plum tree

So to the left is the Apple, in the middle is the Plum and on the right of the picture is the Pear
Fortunately for me the Lotty Angel turned up and offered his kind assistance - how could a girl refuse?

So out with the spades, forks, Dereks mattock & Nigels rake and we set to it.

I had already started shifting the huge mounds of top soil that Derek had earlier unloaded onto my plot, thinking that I would need the extra soil for new raised beds, bless him - always thinking of others. Little did he know that I changed my mind and have planned to go the "traditional" route from now on!!

I then started to dig the 3 holes that were needed. I read on the superworldwidewebinternethighway earlier this morning (6am actually-its getting lighter in the mornings so it's early rise for me - can't help it even with black out blinds!) that the trees had to be put in up to the graft mark on the trunk and with some compost and dried blood mixed in - only the best for my trees!

However when Derek turned up, I went back to shifting all the soil mounds, and Derek made short work of it with his trusty mattock. I was a few paces behind him with Nigels rake and in no time we levelled out loads and loads of lovely, lovely topsoil.

Next was to re dig the 3 holes, and measure the root balls so we got it right and the roots were not bashed and bruised too much.

Topsoil was mixed with compost and dried blood and in they went

1, 2, 3

After a nice cup of tea kindly made for us by Nigel and Rod down at the Trading Hut (I was not on duty today as you have probably worked out by now) Derek decided that we should keep on going!

There was no stopping him.

Not only did he (with my lame help) continue to clear some more of the plot, he also tackled the side return (see picture 2 up above) which is the the bit against the fence. Wow - what a difference.

My plan is to buy some hop plants and put these in here.

Finally, after all that hard, hard work - I decided to weed the 3 raised beds to make them look nice, so a good days work is done. Phew.

I want more!

I am so pleased with todays achievements and I am aching to hell and back but it was worth it.

I also have to tell you that I am VERY excited about next weekend - yes next weekend is my


Have I mentioned before that Nigel and Derek have offered to make my base and I have now managed to convince my builder friend JOE not only to lend me his cement mixer but to also spend the day! Hooray.

So the shed 6'x4' will go up and next to it will be a greenhouse of the same size which I am yet to buy. The base will include a patio which will be known as

"The Cider & Beer Lounge"


I am so very excited.

Watch this space - I will take loads of photos - promise

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maureen said...

Hi Ali, that's better I can leave a comment now !
You certainly worked hard, with a little help from your Lotty Angels, I could do with them on my plot.
Maureen :)