Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Greenhouses and Sweet Potatoes......

I did it!
Yes I took the plunge, and after asking alot of advice, I bought a greenhouse from a chap on eBaY.
It arrives on Friday - yes, so it's Friday 13th - so what!
It's brand new - 6 x 6 with polycarbonate sheeting (which helps with the prevention of scorching plants) and a few extras like staging/shelving and drainpipes (which will be important for the preservation of rain water, louvre windows, and an automatic window opening thingy ma jig which will stop the plants from getting too hot!
If you want one yourself - give this guy a try
I will let you know how easy it was to erect once I know myself!
I am already planning to grow, in my greenhouse that is:
  • Tomatoes
  • Aubergines
  • cucumbers
  • sweet potatoes and
  • I can't think of anything else but I am sure there is something that needs the extra protection of a greenhouse!

Also - I am experimening with an organic sweet potato. I have cut it in half and submerged both cut ends into individual jam jars filled with water. As the WWW advises, i should wait for the "chits" to sprout - oh sorry they are in fact "slips" which you can then pick off, submerge this into water and once they form a good root, pop into compost. It's worth a go!


Maureen said...

Hi Ali
Good to see you blogging away again. My greenhouse is 6 x 6 I bought it secondhand last year from a lady in Dorset. It's great to have one on the lottie, but it is a tie as it has to be checked and watered every day. Having said that the Peppers, Chillies and cucumbers were worth the effort, and I did get other plot-holders to water when we went away( return favour for them )I am sure you will enjoy it. :)

Jeannette said...

Hi, love your blog. And good luck with your greenhouse tomorrow. Make sure you securely fix the greenhouse to the ground. The plotholders next to mine (in Bromley) bought a similar one [and it was very nice] but just used the small pegs supplied to fix it... unfortunately it wasn't very heavy or securely fixed and blew over in a storm before they ever used it.

Hope you enjoy growing in it - I grew a huge amount of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and even a water melon in mine last year. Used a watering system to make sure it didn't dry out - big container with some drip-feed nozzles on a hose. Worked a treat!