Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Digging merrily away.....

On a bright and crisp spring morning, I decide to use natures gym in exchange for the norm of the boxed in sweaty variety, and headed down to the lotty for some good old fashioned digging!
I started by the newly planted fruit trees, which are now all in infant stages of budding, which I am thrilled about, as I didn't know if they would "take" to their new home.
Anyway, back to the digging.
I started by the fruit trees and up against the fence and dug along the width of the plot heading towards the path. I dug about 3 spade widths along and was about 3/4's of the way done when disaster struck!!!

My spade, which I have had for many long, loyal & faith years, decided it had had enough. It snapped when it hit a root, I went backwards, fell straight onto my fortunately well cushion posterior and my legs flew over my head, involving me in an almost backwards somersault, which haven't attempted since PT in primary school!

Fortunately no one was around. None the less I gracefully picked myself up from my "heaped" position on the floor and stood there - spade handle in hand - and looked from that to the spade head, back and forth like you would in a tennis match, for what must have been 5 minutes.

I felt a Victor Meldrew moment coming on

"I cannot believe it!"

Determined to finish (I've started so I'll finish (Mastermind moment now)) my row, I grabbed my fork, which was fortunately in one piece due to it's metal/plastic shaft and not a bit of wood in sight, and continued to dig the ground.

The end result that morning, and just in the nick of time for me to get home in time to start my working day (just in case any of you thought that I was a lady of leisure or a lady that lunches) was a newly dug row ready for de rooting and de stoning another morning.