Sunday, 22 March 2009

Green is the new Pink!

Saturday 21st March.....
After a long hard slog at the office, I heard the good news that my little Irish friend (and I say little because I am 5ft and he's probably only 5'2" so a nice height as far as my opinion goes) Joe is, in all his madness, returning to plot 144 for more greenhouse torture!

I say greenhosue torture, but it is more like poly carbonate torture!

I read the instructions fully, back to front, up, down and sideways as women tend to do and men don't, and established that last weeks efforts to get the polycarbonate panels in at the end of the day were totally fruitless - why - because the instructions had been read by not only my husbang but by the Mulligans junior!

After a week on my garage floor I had it all sussed, so back they came to 144 and up they went.

I arrived at my plot at around 8.30am. I started with a brew - well I put the kettle on anyway. As all you campers will already know - it take an absolute age to boil even the worlds smallest kettle on a calor camping stove, so you have to pre empt your thirst. I pulled out all my brussels sprouts which has now left the top end of raised 2 bed free, and proceeded to harvest my brussels. I did this quite unaided, until I was left with the thick and hardy stalks. A quick run down to the Trading Hut to purchase a gardeners knife, only to be told "do it with a spade."


Yes - you chop it all up with your spade - super - how?

I was jetisoned from the trading hut with Arthur on my heel. Bless his cotton socks. Not only did he "spade" my brussel sprout stalks, but he also told me that they would be no good to me on the compost as they were too thick, and to bin them. Thank you Arthur.

Joe arrived - with chips (good thinking that man) and a Dr. Pepper (my fav!) at around 1pm and we got to work.

My nails are ruined, by the way. Where's my manicurist?

However the end result is well worth it.

All panelling is in place including the automatic vent and the louvre's! However it's not anchored down so lets hope we don't get a heavy wind (better get those brussel sprouts home quick!)

Sunday 22nd March.....
The day was started by a visit from the lovely Mrs C Senior, who kindly offered me her very brilliant and far superior to what I have bought, greenhouse staging!
It's currently in a few bits and pieces but will be easy peasy to put together one sunny afternoon and walk down to the new greenhouse once it's finished.

Green is the new PINK
Yes, I wanted pink, but I felt that my newly acquired committee status could be swiftly revoked if I was to choose baby or fuschia (pink that is), so I settled for holly - that is holly green.

Here is the lovely hubby making the first efforts with his brush and testing out the colour ( I think he may have still believed I went for a pink)

And here is the first lick of paint going on. He quickly went home soon after to read the Sunday papers, and i was left to finish off the rest, but I was greatful for his "starting it off"

Look at the difference already!

However - help was at hand for the high bits! Good old Nigel, well not so much of the old, but great height! The advantages are endless.

He went home for his Sunday lunch soon afterwards, but brought me a glass of Red Wine to keep me going - how lovely is that!!

Here is a rare picture of me - I remembered in my old age, that my camera has a self timer thingy on it, so there we go - Hey Presto!

And finally - the finished article.I spent another hour clearing the rest of the plot a little in preparation for Mr Rotivator, but I have alot of work to do yet - burning the never end roots and finding a new home for a large pile of hardcore - any takers? I also have to sort all the wood that I have been collecting - some pieces I want to keep and some can be shared around for making compost bins or raised beds etc. and I also have to move the wood store that her from 142 threatened to burn! Still going strong Mrs K - haha

Phew - I reckon I spent around 15 hours there this weekend - I will sleep well tonight!