Friday, 27 March 2009

New Spade is purchased!!

I arrived at 144 bright and early and started forking over my previously dug row. I pulled out as many stones and roots as possible and raked it to a fine tilth. If you squint and put your nose right up against the screen you can just make out the fine tilth! Just in case you can't it's between the fruit trees to the left of your picture and the red trug on the right.

I couldn't do any serious digging, as I didn't have a spade. Well I do have one but the handle/shaft end is in the shed and the spade bit is in the compost - yes, it's broke (see previous post) Ok, so it's in the photo above I hear you thinking, but that picture was taken after what you are about to read below, so keep up now please!

However help was at hand! Yes one of the allotment HERO's aka Nigel appeared and told me that I could go to the Trading Hut to choose which spade would be best.

I decided on the more manly one of the two as the other one was a little twee, and the width of the spade's head itself was about 2/3rd the size - so my decision was made and my new spade was purchased. Ok so I still have to pay for it, but that's besides the point!
Now there's more!! More? Yes - more....
Whilst I was at the Trading Hut chosing spade, Arthur came in with a Wilkinsons bag. At the AGM the other night, he told me he was going there and also said that they sold Greenhouse thermometers, and said he would pick me up one!
Not only did he get me one - he got me TWO! A big one and small one.
He also said that they were a present for me.
Bless him.
He brought a tear to my eye with his kind gesture.

Here they both are - ready to go - just need hanging up.

And finally, this is one of my little Sunflower seedlings, that I planted yesterday morning, and below is a picture of the row of Hops plants and Sunflowers - I think it will look lovely when it's all in full growth!

This is one of the first buds that I found on the Plum Tree - phew - it's alive!

And finally, one more picture of my latest Greenhouse Accessory......

No wonder I was feeling a little chilly.

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