Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Year - New Seed Count!!

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year
As some of you may already know, I have been way for most of December,
but I am now back to normality,
with the lotty always at the forefront of my mind.
I did go there on the 30th December with the intention of digging, but that was stopped short as the ground is so hard - even Derek (the lotty angel) had to use a mattock to break through the surface - so I had no chance.
The best news to hear was that the SRAGS were granted lottery funding for the new trading hut - how brilliant is that? I have offered my DIY skills as they are looking for volunteers and I have also offered to help out in the shop on Saturdays and Sundays - can't wait!
Anyways, after bumping into both Derek and Nigel on that very cold day, it was decided that my shed needs to go up before I can make plans to progress further on 144. Fortunately for me, they both kindly offered help, so the shed will be going up sooner than I had hoped.
In the meantime I have jotted down a plan for 144 - yes, some more raised beds are going to go in, but Joe Swift style, so some triangles will break up the monotony of the current regimented rectangular raised beds that are already there.
Also - I have listed all the seeds I have :
  • peas
  • beetroot
  • broccoli
  • coriander
  • basil
  • rocket
  • spinach
  • radish
  • toms (ailsa)
  • dwarf french beans
  • hot chilli
  • chives
  • parsnips
  • mizuna
  • leek
  • onions
  • sprouts
  • spring onions
  • pumpkin
  • sweet peas
  • toms marmande
  • toms cerise
  • asparagus
  • marrow
  • butternut squash &
  • sunflowers

The only seeds that I need to purchase are:

  • courgette
  • mini cucumber (snack size)
  • sweet peppers &
  • cut and come again mixed salad bowl lettuce!


Maureen said...

Hi Ali, it's good to have you back and blogging away. It's exciting isn't it thinking of all the seeds being planted and watching them burst through the compost/soil.
I have been given extra space on my plot, so hope I can afford a bigger shed this year and my daughter will have my small one
(I have outgrown it) for her plot we shared the cost of the current one, and share it for our tools and little cooker. Niki and her partner Paul took on a plot near mine at the end of the spring.
Take care
maureen x

RHIANNON said...

hey hey your back!!!
and so organised with your seeds already -I have no idea what I need yet.
Happy new year
Rhi, x.

Ali said...

Hiya Maureen and Rhiannon,
Yes I am back - and a Happy New year to you both.
I was cruising the Caribbean but thinking of the lotty alot as there were few plant on board!! I kept sane by visiting botanical gardens etc (sad I know) but I was getting withdrawal symptoms!!!! I can't wait to get stuck in but the weather here is forcast SNOW for a couple of days so no chance. :(

jeanie oliver said...

Hi Ali,
can't wait to get into the garden-I have so many seed catalogs that I feel guilty about the environment that produced them, but they are great to get one through the mucky days of Jan and Feb.