Sunday, 23 November 2008


This is what I call DEDICATION

Working on my compost bin in the snow!

I couldn't feel my fingers or my toes at one stage.
My Twirly is missing!! Someone has nicked it. However the mystery is solved......
Derek was there with Laddie and he told me that two sheds had been broken into the night before. Then Nigel came along and asked if I was missing anything - of course, I said yes, my Twirly!! It had been thrown into his rear garden and was now safe and sound. Phew.

It was so cold, even the water tanks were frozen up.

And finally......

This is Ron's plot - can you see what he's growing on his tree's?

It's seasonal and popular at this time of year......

It's green with little white berries

and you can get kissed under it!

Yep - he's cultivating MISTLETOE!!!


easygardener said...

I've never actually seen mistletoe growing on a tree. Very seasonal and it goes well with the snow and ice!

Anonymous said...

I am strictly a warm weather gardener, though I have been known to plant bulbs in the rain and rake leaves in 0 degrees (Celsius). I tried to ask a few days ago but the comment feature wouldn't let me post; what are the upside down bottles for? Decorative or practical use?

Ali said...

the bottles are turned upside down onto canes (bamboo) so that I can drape netting over them (without the bottles the canes would just poke through) to protect the plants from the birds, so a practical use, but looks decorative!
The smaller bottles as so you don't poke your eyes out in error when bending over to tend to the plants or soil! This is painfull otherwise.

Easygardener - Yes, it's mistletoe alright - at first I thought it was a birds nest!!

Gary said...

We had snow up here as well, but that was followed by heavy rain so couldn't do a lot. Was the mistletoe cultivated or did it get there naturally by bird power?