Friday, 21 November 2008

What a FABULOUS job so far......

The Compost Bin

My darling Husband, Ian (above), has been working very hard
He has been very dedicated to the task in hand
And even worked most of his day off yesterday to get to where he has got so far.....

Yes, it's the construction of my COMPOST BIN !!
In the meantime, I myself have not been idle.....

I have been shovelling loads of wood chips with Dereks Shovel and Ron's Wheelbarrow to plot 144 - it took about 10 shovel loads to fill one barrow and 6 barrow loads for each pathway - Gym - who needs a Gym when you have an allotment!!

It's looking better and better each day!
As I mentioned earlier, Ian even worked on my compost bin on his day off, and I got a bit worried at around 3.30pm when he hadn't come home but it was getting dark already!

I text him to make sure he was ok and his text back was "All fine, just a couple of little bits to do and I'll be home."

So I go there this morning to see progress and .........

So far really good eh?? I think its well posh!

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Gary said...

It's looking great, well done both of you. Gary