Sunday, 16 November 2008

More from 144

The final bits and bobs were removed from 142 and taken over to 144 today

My lovely Hubby has started to make my new compost bin. It's going to be very posh - with post sunk in concrete etc, so nice and sturdy too. Unfortunately he came across some HUGE roots whilst digging, so I ran to Ron who was on duty at the shop, and who lent me a hack saw and an axe - they soon did the trick.
Whilst Ian was concreting in the posts - he managed 3 in all,
I dug a couple of bags of mushroom compost into my last bed, bed #3, before I started to put my broad beans in. Ron kindly gave me some Italian broad beans, so I thought I would do a row of his and a row of beans that I bought from the shop. I ended up doing 3 rows of Italians to the right and 3 rows of shop bought to the left.
This is me on 144 - Ian says I look just like my scarecrows......

Do you think I do?

I was just going "It's all mine!"


Gary said...

Great blog, good luck with the plot.
I was a Mitcham boy until we moved a couple of years ago so I know how precious a space of your own around there is.

Scattered Gardener said...

Hi Ali

You have been working hard this month! I'm still on the waiting list for a whole plot on our site in Worcester Park, but would hate to have to give up my half plot that I've devoted the last few years to. Still I hear that Sutton borough has waiting lists on all its allotment sites now.