Saturday, 15 November 2008

Update on Plot 144

I arrived at the Lotty, after the 7 hours already put in this week at 9am.

Fortunately for me, my lotty Guardian Angel Derek, arrived about 10 minutes later.

Tatty Boggie Gump & Hilda - together at last

Bed 1 - These are my white onions - all transplanted in 144

My Red onions are in front of the plastic cloche which is housing the chilli plants

And in front of that are my garlic. I think I transplanted about 90% of these successfully.

The Brussels and cabbages transported well to Bed 2.

I even had the strength to put netting in place!

Before and After

All scarecrows, Tatty, Hilda, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub, Daisy & Mo are all on duty, present and correct.

Bed Three - the hardest bed of all. It took me and lotty angel Derek quite a few barrow loads to fill. Between us, several cups of tea and a few chats later we made it.

This bed has been filled with the remaining cabbage plants and some new baby spring cabbages that Derek kindly gave me.

Tomorrow, I am going to have to buy some Broad Beans and plant them

Our Site Rep Carl - who helped to move the raised beds across bumped into me on my way out at aroun 1pm (yes I was there all that time!) He seemed to be very pleased with the results which is GREAT news!

And finally - plot 142 - farewell, but thank you for giving me the Lotty Bug.