Friday, 14 November 2008

LATEST! LATEST! Read all about it......

Two visits to the Lotty today - One before work - where I carefully transplanted over 80 onions -
Half White and Half Red
I then returned and lunchtime and had to search for the garlic.
I had planted 3 varieties, but because they hadn't quite surfaced yet, it was hard to find them.
Luckily, once I have found one, the other seemed to follow as I used my outstretched hand as a "how far apart" guide!!
I managed to find them all, and only damaged two cloves - I found it amazing that the roots were so long! One of them had roots of at least 3 inches!
After safely trans planting them all, I pulled out all the perpetual spinach from bed two. Some I will give away and some is for dinner - I may even try freezing some -it's worth a try. Then I lifted all the pinks and re planted them in a huddle together as a temporary measure.
I then walked to Nigel's Plot as he very kindly said I could use his Wheel Barrow. When I collected it, it was practically brand spanking new!! Oh no! Why me???
I then proceeded to dig up some topsoil from my old Bed 2 on 142 and barrow it over to bed 2 on 144. I managed about 6 or 7 trips in all before I felt a spit of rain. Had to call it a day then, so i took the barrow back - THANK YOU NIGEL - and went home.
The End
Sorry there are no pictures
Back soon.