Saturday, 31 January 2009

A small update - January 2009

Well, January has been a very cold month, and unlike some others I hate the cold - give me some nice warm sunshine anyday.
The Trading Hut is now up and I have been busy doing 2 things - well 3 actually
  1. offering my DIY services - I have helped to fillet the wall of the trading hut to the floor - basically squidging concrete at an angle. I also assisted in painting the boards that have gone up on the inside & I cycled to the hardware shop for supplies
  2. Making the boys Teas and Coffees
  3. Last but not least, I have been creating a website for the SRAGS that will run alongside the BLOG. I have no website building experience and I hope that it will be a hit when it is published on the 14th February 2009.

So although I have not been digging away on 144 I have been busy at the allotment and for the allotment!

I am getting very excited that my shed will be up soon - wouldn't you be?

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