Thursday, 4 September 2008

The rewards of my Labour at the Lotty....

I know, I haven't been blogging lately - this is for 2 very good reasons:
A - Work has been very very busy. The lettings market has boomed since the death of the Sales market and as I deal with lettings adminstration, I needn't say more! Well I will actually - working 12 hour days and working on my days off - yes, even Sundays.
B -The weather! We have had more rainy days here than non rainy days. I have mentioned it before - I suffer from mysophobia - yes - a fear of mud / muck. I can't stand even thinking about the squelching (oh sorry I can't describe it any longer as it's making me feel quesy) So when it rains I can't go to the lotty, and the days after the rain I have to think carefully - will it be muddy or not down there? (or anywhere else in fact!)
I am not the only one who suffers - take a look at Cinders
Anyways - here are the pictures of the rewards of my labour at the lotty.......

As I am off to Malta on my holidays tomorrow, I froze the peas, and some of the beans and the rest I gave to very grateful neighbours who looked really happy when they peaked in their bags!
So that's it from me for a while - one last day at manic work and I am off - hopefully not to see a computer or use a phone for at least 8 days!!