Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Back from Malta holiday.......

Hubby and I had a GREAT time in Malta but a week wasn't long enough!

This is a picture of the fishing village of Marsaloxx (marce-sush-lock)

Needless to say that one of the first things I did after unpacking, putting the wash on and sorting through the post, washed down with lashings of cups of hot tea, was to get to the Lotty.

THE WEEDS had taken over and I spent over 4 hours just weeding alone.

Tomato blight had also taken a good hold, so I rescued a few green tomatoes and had to take the infected plants and the fruits to the local dump.

I also picked over 8 pounds of runner beans (and there are more to come!!) and 1.5 pounds of french beans, along with some peas and the last of the brocolli.

This was the blanching stage - Doug at the lotty gave me a good tip - blanch the veg in a colander and that way you just scoop them all out in one go and plunge straight into cold water etc. all in one swoop + you can keep the water boiling for the next batch! Brilliant idea - Gold Star for Doug!!

This is my new RECORD RUNNER BEAN - 40.5cm !!!

All the green tomatoes are ready for the chutney - boy was I busy that day!!

And this is the result of my chutney making!

Another thing to report is that some very kind lady GAVE ME A SHED!

Yes - for free - actually it's 2 sheds joined together

So I will have a 12ft x 4ft shed (which is within the maximum square footage allowed - phew) and I can't wait until it's all put together, but I will need to organise a base first.

So at the moment it's flat on the floor and Nigel & Derek have kindly covered it in tarpaulin due to all the rain we had whilst I was away.


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