Friday, 26 September 2008

Anyone for CHUTNEY??

With an abundance of Beetroot on the plot, I decided to make some more chutney.

This one is Beetroot and Apple

It has onions (home grown of course) raisins (from a packet) sugar (whatever was in the cupboard) and white wine vinegar (because I can't have Malt Vinegar) in it also.

I must say that it tasted YUMMY, although a little sweet, but that could calm down??

This is my current "STASH" of chutneys that are maturing in the garage - there's Black Pepper & courgette, Glutony Chutney, Picalilli, and Beetroot & Apple.

Some of them have been given away to friends and neighbours and some even posted as far as Nottingham & Malta!!


I have now been lucky enough to get some FREE concrete slabs for my shed base from a very kind FREECYCLE member from Mitcham. OK, so it has meant several trips to Mitcham and back to save my car's suspension, and although the very kind pre owner of these slabs helped me to load them with his wheelbarrow, I had no help at the Lotty end! Pure determination and hard work!

So thank you John Murphy - fellow Freecycler - your slabs will be put to good use - very good use!

Looking out for some shed roof felt / liner now!! You never know.

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RHIANNON said...

Wow the shelves in your garage look tidy - I need to declutter. They also look better stocked than the whole of my kitchen.