Monday, 16 June 2008

Susan's Peas

I just had to share these Peas with you. Susan kindly popped some over to me after our morning at the lotty as I told her that I was having Chateaubriand for dinner
Don't they look YUMMY??

Well they tasted wonderful. I don't know if I could ever eat frozen peas again!

That's all folks - I just had to share this wonderful lotty experience with you.

From the lotty to the table in 5 minutes - that's the way to do it!!


jeanie oliver said...

HI Ali,
just catching up with you,
Hilda is going to glamourize the whole site.

Ali said...

Hiya Jeanie,

Yes I think she will as she is certainly looking the part!

I have had some lovely compliments about her already from fellow lotty holders which is very nice.