Sunday, 15 June 2008

Hilda Arrives at 144

After setting Hilda's stake in a bucket of quick drying cement & with no wheelbarrow available as our last one went to the dump, this was the only way to get Hilda to the lotty!

Rather uncermonious I know, but it was the only way to do it

This is hubby Ian, carrying Hilda over the threshold - not quite what I had in mind but he did the job!

And here is Hilda & Hubby tesing out her new position - bucket all sunk in and about to be filled up with earth.
Ah bless - doesn't she look lovely - maybe too lovely to be a Scarecrow do you think?

Well - there she is - bringing a bit of Glamour to the lotty & Plot 144

Now another glamourous lady that I would like to introduce you to is Mavis. I have mentioned her many a time, as she is my lotty neighbour & gives me heaps of advice, is always up for a good old chat and works 4 plots!!! 4 plots! can you believe that? Well I recently discovered that she grows alot of fruit & veg for her charity work and makes 100 Christmas Cakes every year - again to sell for Charity - what a remarkable lady.

Mavis told me yesterday, that she was 3 ft from the Queen - Queen Elizabeth II - that very morning as she had tickets for the trooping of the colour - a magnificent event - a Royal "must see" and there she was, a few hours later - squishing the black fly on her broad beans!

That's me below on plot 142 watering the Beetroots & Parsnips - can you make out Hilda in the background on 144??

This is Susan's bed with her pink Twirly

My Orange (now Yellow) Twirly is in the picture too. I think we started off a Twirly trend as there are quite a few Twirly's on the lotty now - maybe a scarecrow trend will follow?


New Leaf said...

Oh my goodness, you've been so busy! Well done, I haven't been over to have a snout at what you've been up to for a while. I LOVE Hilda, she's a right tasty bird!!

Keep up the good work....I'm now off to make more courgette based meals from my latest harvest. (lucky I like 'em)


Ali said...

Hi Nat - thanks for your kind comments on Hilday - she is a tasty bird ain't she!!

I have some courgettes growning but not harvested yet. I am going to look up your recipes on your blog and let you know how I get on!
Take Care.