Monday, 9 June 2008

Mad dogs & Englishmen...... & a day full of surprises

......go out in the mid-day sun (Noel Coward)

What a scorcher! I was at the lotty yesterday (Sunday) nice and early (1oam) but sensibly packed up my tools at 1210 and went home to sit in the shade. However there were LOADS of lotty people still hard at work when I left - a little bit of sunstroke must have been had by some I think!

As mentioned in a previous blog, I am always excited about arriving at the lotty, because you NEVER know what is going to surprise you next. This was my surprise for the weekend - a courgette/zuchinni flower! I like this so much I have set this picture as my desktop!!

Well, as I only had 2 hours, I got on with some serious weeding. I don't know where all the blighters come from. Still, it all added up to a good work out.

My lotty friend Susan, kindly bought me a little plaque for my herb trough.

How cute is that!

Another surprise was my first Nasturtium flower

And another........

These wonderful flowers on the potato plants. The flower above is from my Earlies & the flower below from my Late Earlies

My next surpise was the size that my pepper plants had got to!

And then my pumpkin plant surprised me as that too was in flower!

And if that wasn't enough, my husband then surprised my by asking if he could have his own little bit on my new plot 144 - Well I never - I am soooooo pleased!

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