Thursday, 5 June 2008

Allotment Therapy.....

This note was kindly attached to my post which had the "Runner Beans - Free to a good home" sign attached - it's nice to know where they have gone! I must pop down to 106a / 107a to have a look one day!

This is little Laddie - he is a rescue dog from Cornwall and now lives with lotty hero Derek who adores him - well actually, we all adore him (that's both Laddie & Derek you understand!) Laddie is a fiesty little thing - I think a cross between a collie & a jack russell, but Derek is training him well and he has come on leaps and bounds since he first arrived at the plot.

I finally managed to escape to the lotty yesterday evening at around 6.40pm. I desperately needed to get away from the 12 hour days that I was spending at my computer for work. So I thought to myself "lotty therapy" that's what I need!

My first 20minutes was stood there speaking to the wonderful Mavis who is always a pleasure to chat to. We discovered that I know her son in law through work - small world eh!

I was just saying to Mavis that coming to the lotty was and adventure an exciting adventure because you never know what you would or indeed could find on each visit, and to my astonishment I had my own excitement there and then - yes - something to get VERY excited about - a COURGETTE flower!

And finally - this was my parting picture yesterday as this is what I get to see last as I walk to the gate - my newly erected (courtesy of Lotty hero Nigel & my plot neighbour Paul) bean wigwams - don't they look admirable? I can't say thank you enought to Nigel & Paul as I just don't have the height (I am 5ft 1inch and YES the 1 inch is important) to tie the tops which of course is the KEY to the cane wigwam!


jeanie oliver said...

HI Ali,
I too have had my first blooms on my squash, it is my yellow crookneck though, not zucchini yet. In a hurry to get to garden, I'll check in later and write more!

jeanie oliver said...

I did not realize it and I planted runner beans in the middle of my rows in little garden. Husband says I have to pull them or they will choke out the tomatoes. so I have dug them up with a huge shovel and put in flower pots. It's to hot and windy here in June to try to put them back in the ground somewhere. I am putting one pot under a 3 legged fern stand I had and let them crawl up that. I am posting now too on Ray's site.