Wednesday, 25 June 2008

1st Earlies - 1st Potato Harvest - WOW

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My very 1st potatoes - home grown - and they were YUMMY

I simply boiled them and added some salt and pepper. They tasted sweet, but not in an overpowering way - more, more, more - my mouth is watering just typing this!!!


jeanie oliver said...

way to go, your garden is looking great. I never thought about doing sweet peas with the teepee poles like that. will have to try this.
It is soooooo dry here that I am spending all of my time moving hoses and eyeing the water pump and electric bill.

Ali said...

Hey Jeanie,
How are you? We have had alot of dry weather here too. I have to water my garden (especially the lawn as it's new) and the lotty. We had rain here last night so I have a day off watering today!
The sweetpeas are lovely and the more you pick the more flowers you get! The look wonderful indoors in little vases.
Hope you have a good day.
Love from the UK