Wednesday, 25 June 2008

They're at it already!!!!

Yes! Tatty and Hilda must have started a trend already - well what did you think I meant??? Honestly!
Yesterday, after my excitingly amazing potato harvest, I spied this little chappy on Kirsty's plot.
Isn't he wonderful. I love his eyes and that smile! Well done Kirsty - all I need to find out now is his name.

My sweetpeas are coming along beautifully now - I have already picked two lots of flowers - one for me at home and one for Susan next door.


Sarah said...

Thanks for your kind comments Ali - of course you can add our site to your blog roll, and I'll do the same. I'm very jealous of your sweet peas by the way. This is the second year I've somehow missed sowing any. I bought some especially, and knew exactly where I was going to put them, but then I randomly lost the packet. Typical!
Sarah x

Ali said...

Hey Sarah,
I have added yours to mine. I wish I could send you some SweetPeas. They are so wonderful and smell heavenly. Next year you will have me to remind you!!
Take care and keep up your great blog