Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tatty Bogie Gump in his place at last ! ! !

Tatty Bogie Gump is finally in his place - Plot 142 - Stanley Road Allotments, Carshalton, Surrey
He does have some friends with him that were VERY kindly sent to me by my very own "armchair gardener" aka my lovely mother in law, all the way via snail mail, from Ferring on the South Coast!

This is Cuthbert.....(who looks like he is about to raise his hand and ask to go to the little boys room - I will have to fix that - or shall I leave him that way?)

This is Dibble......(my 1st ever pot scarecrow who has been with me since last summer)

& this is Grub (who has a peculiar smile - who's been drinking all the cider kind of look)

They will all keep eachother company and hopefully the other allotmenteers amused and the birds scared and running for their lives (or should that be flapping?)

Who knows - this might start a "grow your own scarecrow" craze at Stanley Road Allotments! oh er - can you imagine that - it would be like a scary movie - Scarecrows everywhere. Can you imagine if that happened? The local press would want to come down and interview them all - the scarecrows I mean! Won't much out of them will they!

(well apart from some pillow stuffing and straw)

I have a fully seasonal wardrobe planned for TBG, starting with some sunglasses for the summer months and possibly a hand tool for him to hold plus a pair of shorts maybe ?????

Autumn will be long trousers, a cardi and a buttonhole

Winter will be some boots - probably Ian's old ones which hurt his feet (green wellies), a coat or jacket and a warmer hat with scarf (possibly matching?) and then it will be back to Spring next year. I wonder if Gok Wan will approve????

Needless to say, no actual gardening took place, just a photo shoot with some very un talkative "divas"

I have booked Friday off work so I can do some serious garden centre shopping - need a few items, and some even more serious planting out.

I have the 2nd half of Bed 2 and all of Bed 3 to do, so I will be down there pretty much all day - looks like a LARGE flask of Tick Tock tea will be needed and a few Gluten Free marmalade sandwiches !

Come back soon........x

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