Sunday, 13 April 2008

More April showers & a Twirly!!

This is the WONDERFUL TWIRLY that my friend and fellow plot holder bought as a present for me! She is sooooo thoughtful as I have wanted one of these for my plot and she found me one!

It has pride of place at the top of Bed 2 - If anyone nicks it there will be BIG HUGE trouble. In fact I might even security mark it with that invisible inky stuff!!

Again, today, being another April day, we had on and off showers all day. I went to the lotty a total of 3 times with wheelbarrow there and back eachtime, and needless to say, getting a drenching each time too.

I managed to put in 3 rows of onions that I had grown from seed, and in between these 3 rows, which were quite generously spaced out withing the rows themselves, I inter-planted 5 varieries of French Marigolds - just for the "prettiness" of it all.

This plan will give you some idea of what it looks like......

Unfortunately I could not take a final picture of the sweet pea / onion / spring onion / marigold bed as it was :
  • raining hard
  • making me soggy
  • cold
  • disheartening
  • dismal & making me angry!


Yet again the carrots and parsnips are alive, well & kicking. I took their cloches off today, whilst the sun was shining and I protected all around the carrots with 2 ft high meshy stuff. I used a stapler to arrange the mesh around the canes, but the intention is - which would have happened today if the sun was shining - to sew this mesh into place as that will be a good job done - another day then!

Tatty Bogie Gump News

TBG is now cemented into a bucket - this has only been possible with the kind assistance of Hubby Ian, who has devoted part of his weekend / time off, to doing this mammoth task for me.

TBG is currently outside, getting used to the elements. Me and Susan both hope he doesn't come down with some nasty bug or the flu for that matter!

We are going back to the lotty together on Tuesday night to dig a hole big enough for the bucket to be sunk into. Tatty Bogie Gump will be situated between the two potato beds at the bottom end of our plot!

And finally

This was my 4th to the lotty today as I managed to find a spell of sunshine, so that I could take a picture of what I had done/achieved today.

You can just about make out the spring onions to either side of the Sweet Peas, and the onions (from seed) being inter mingled with a variety of marigolds.

Good night - sleep tight

Lala Salama (in swaheli which I picked up from Masai Mari)

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RHIANNON said...

Wow Ali how strange I put a similar looking yellow twirly with green leaf on our allotment today. Owen was given it several years ago and I had bunged it on top of the wardrobe. I found it yesterday when looking for something else.
I have to say that your allotment looks so so tidy, structured and planned.
I love the idea of pretty flowers as well as the veg. Keep dodging the showers.
Oh I've added you as a link to the my blog. bye for now.