Saturday, 12 April 2008

Sweet Pea Wig Wam & April Showers!

The canes are up! This was of course after following Montys' advice on Gardeners World last week and digging a hole first, which you then fill with compost - THEN put the canes in and then the plants - so having followed all that I have ended up with this....

Half way through all this loving work, the 2 gentleman who have the "Green" shed in the middle of the allotment came by - well they had to, to get to the gate. They said hello and stopped for a quick chat. They are SO funny & always laughing - one called the other his "scarecrow!"

The left just in time as the showers came......

I got a little drenched & so I ran for shelter in Nigels' shop as I don't have a shed. I knew he was there as I saw him walking through the gates earlier with his "Texas chain saw!" I told Nigel about my current problem of Greenhouse Whitefly that I seem to have on my tomato plants in my utility room (not greenhouse, so the could be utility room white fly - ha ha!), and he kindly looked through all the bottles in the shop (which was dark as it was officially closed and the shutters were on) and found the right stuff I need to "blitz" the little white buggers!

I will go tomorrow to purchase some.


Both the carrots and parsnips are still alive and well.
It's nice and cozy under pollys tunnel - oh sorry - the poly tunnel!!
On a VERY sunny / hot day I will have to go and open up the ends for some ventilation for them.

The Sweetpeas