Thursday, 17 April 2008

Nothing exciting......

I did mention that it was nothing exciting didn't I? Ha ha & yes that is Grub you can see there with his back to us!

Well, I took half a day off today and guess what I did? I went to the lotty! I spent around 4 hours there and it was wonderful. Although it was an "official" afternoon off, my work always knows that they can reach me on my mobile, but guess what - it didn't even vibrate!

The original plan (hatched on Tuesday) was to take Friday off, but when I looked at the weather forecast on the BBC's web, I was shocked to see that RAIN was forecast for the day, so I took immediate action, phoned my boss and pleaded for the 2nd half of Wednesday as some time off.

I know it doesn't look like much from the photo's but it took me hours to prepare that soil - raking and raking back and forth - got a blister on my thumb again! Well the baby plants are my Brocolli or Calabrese (did I spell that right?) and Brussel Sprouts which I adore and have ALWAYS loved. I love my veg. I suppose that having to live with Coeliac Disease, I have always prefered veg to things like bread, pastries etc. but that is another story for another day. Anyway I put some fleece protection over the little plants by using drawing pins on the wood raised beds. This should give them the light and water they need and protect them from the birds etc. until they are a little more "grown up."

It was good hearing the birds singing and the wind blowing, someone further down the lotty whistling a jolly tune - along with the local "nothing better to do" scally wags sitting on their balcony that over looks one part of the lotty talking full pelt into their mobile phone having what must have been an imaginery conversation, due to the disgusting language, that I couldn't even begin to repeat in this text, they were using with their "imaginery friend" just to make themself feel more important. This person must have been dragged up, not brought up! Unfortunately this went on for at least 1 hour.

I felt like having a party with Tatty, Cuthbert, Dibble & Grub when it stopped! Peace at last. A classy low key one of course!

Psst - don't tell anyone, but I overheard one of my fellow lotty people saying to another that they loved my Scarecrows. I was silently beaming from ear to ear. I am so glad that he - Tatty Bogie Gump & friends - has brought a bit of joy to my small bit of shared plot and those who surround / pass by it.

I did get down to the lotty this morning - Thursday 17th - before 9am of course, as work day begins, to take the plastic poly tunnels from the Parsnips & Carrots. I think that unless we do get a forecast frost, I will leave them off from now on, as the ones that I didn't plant out, and that are still in little module pots sitting on my decking in the back garden, are doing fine without any protection.

That's it - I have gone on enough tonight - "Bye zee bye" as my armchair gardener would say

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