Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Sunday - 23rd March 2008

Needed some fresh air & also found a huge polytunnel on EbaY, so I decided to walk to the allotment to take some measurements of my raised beds
& to have a good nosey around!

It's good to see what other people are doing over the seasons & pick up some ideas, especially as we are new to all this and have never grow veggies before - or indeed had an allotment!

I met Bob there, who stopped for a chat, and who kindly advised me that my onions grown from seed were probably doing ok (described them to him after comparing my seedlings to his ones) My seedlings are in my coldframe mainly, which is bubblewrapped and blanketed overnight in the colder weather
It's great the way that advice is so free flowing and friendly from other Lotty People!

Whilst I was there I took some pictures of Susan's bed. She has planted Peas & Beans & says that she will be really pleased if she "gets a Pea from her allotment!" I think we are going to have a "Susan's had a Pea Party" when that happens!


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