Sunday, 23 March 2008

Before & After......

This is the start of Plot 142 - Stanley Road, Carshalton.

September 2007 by Ali & Susan - friends and neighbours

This took a lot of hard work, and as me and my neighbour Susan are only tiny little things, we had to get help!

Eventually the bramles came down and the rubbish started to build up (end September 2007)

We had to get this removed to the local dump.

Ah! clear at last - Fortunately we got a water supply put right at the top end of our plot - saves us walking to the nearest original tap which was about 200 yards away!

October 2007 - water tank & tap gets sited

Now for the digging to begin. Husbands have been enrolled for this task!!

Yes, that's mine pulling the funny face as always! (September - October 2007)

So with the clearing done and the digging underway, us girls went surfing (the online kind) to find some ground cover sheeting to put down.

Got it all pegged down, and went to check on it all regulary,
especially when there were strong winds.

Susan's husband started off 3 of the 6 raised beds (at the end of November 2007)......

I had to get help! Here are the last 3 going in (February 2008)

You can just make out Tom(right) & his mate Alan(left) - digging as I could never do!

Well done those men!!!

More to follow so stay tuned................



Orfy said...

You look busy

Barbee' said...

Would you believe I started with your newest post and hours later here I am at the bottom!!!

I found you on Blotanical and came over to read awhile. Guess I really did read! It is so interesting to me to see how other people do their gardens and allotments; their ideas, ingenuity, and originality.

Past midnight now, so I'm off. Needless to say: I enjoyed my visit!