Monday, 24 March 2008

The Beginings.......

My utility room is full to the brim now.
Started planting seeds in February. Some of these are now outside in the cold frame, but I have kept the Tomatoes, Chilli's & Peppers indoors along with any new seeds still germinating.

Here are some pictures of the first attempts with carrots & tomatoes (Feb 08)

These are the onions and these are the parsnips and onions.
All of these are now outside in the coldframe which I bubble wrap and blanket at night when it's cold.
As you can see, there are little seed trays on the window sill. These are all filled with seeds waiting to germinate.

Here are the same tomato plants as in the picture earlier!
Haven't they done well? I have used some cocktails sticks as mini supports!! I am hoping to plant these out to larger individual 3 inch pots later today. I just have to work out where I am going to put them!!

These tomato plants are from the same batch, but instead of planting out to larger modules, I have put them in Paper Potter pots - they are not doing as well but are STILL alive!

This is my coldframe which was kindly bought for me for my Birthday via Gardening Vouchers from my wonderful mother-in-Law, Mrs C & her partner Mr T -the picture was taken this morning whilst it was snowing. I have put the pots against it to save it from blowing over in strong winds. As you can see it is full up. At night I bubble wrap & put blankets over it!
Hopefully I will be able to plant some of these plants out to the lotty next week - however I am going to go by the weather and not rush into things.

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