Friday, 6 January 2012

2012 - Greenhouse Damage

The Back roof Panel 

And the front Corner panels too!

I went to look for all 3 panels and came back with 5!!

Poor Hilda isn't looking her best - she reminds me of Amy Winehouse now!

And Tatty's brains are falling out.
I will have to make them over this year!


Nell Jean said...

Oh, dear! The wind was fierce, wasn't it? Last spring some of my panels ended up high in a juniper tree and some we never found, or in pieces. They were old and brittle, so we just replaced the lot. When the wind blows strong, I put a bungee cord across the doors and we have elastic cords holding the roof panels as well for a little extra security besides the metal straps we added on the inside.

I hope you're able to make repairs quickly and easily.

Ali said...

Hi Nell Jean - yes after about 4 years mine have started to get a little brittle too. I think they will last until this time next year and will then all need replacing. What a great idea to put bungee cords across - that will certainly help - thanks for that top tip!
All is fixed now, by the way. I even got my friend to re clip in the roof panel as that was too high for me!!

biggreenfingers said...

I know how you feel about the greenhouse. I have exactly the same greenhouse and the same problem. Sometimes I can find the polycarbonate window in a neighbours garden and put it back in. One time a neighbour even arrived at my door with window in hand. On several occasions I have had to buy a replacement window though. Just in case you are interested my local B&Q do sheets of twin wall polycarbonate for around £8. They are the correct width for my 8x6 greenhouse but you just have to cut a few inches of the length to get them to fit.

All the best, will be keeping up to date with your blog.

Ali said...

Hi Big Green Fingers - thanks for reading!! I did contact Garman (??) the manufacturers and they kindly sent me a free panel in the post!! yes FREE - no charge, so I was really pleased with that. Going to have a look at your blog now :0)