Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sowing the seeds of 2011......

...Yes its that time of year again - Hooray!!  I was very excited that the weather had clouded over and it had been forecast to rain for most of the day today - the reason for this joy of the news of bad weather you ask?  Simples - it means that I have a jolly good reason to stay indoors and sow some seeds to get the Allotment 2011 season off to a good start.

So in preparation, I make sure that I have all that I need

and organise the space I have to work in - which isn't very big!

Here there are 6 varieties of Sweet Peas, 3 Tomato (Cherry, Moneymaker & Roma) and some Sweet peppers

I need to get some Pea, Broadbean & herb seeds in.  I did sow some Coriander and some Basil Minette, but I was surprised that I didn't have more herb seeds from last year.  One herb that I do not need to grow is Chives, as I have noticed that it's popping up in the pot that it was growing in last year.

I planted 4 seeds to a pot.  If the all come up then I am a lucky girl, if only one or two work out then I will still have plenty.


Green Lane Allotments said...

I've sown basil and coriander too and both have germinated so far so good.

Damo said...

Best of luck with your sowings, a very exciting time of year!