Tuesday, 8 February 2011

More Digging, weeding, tea drinking.....

....tidying up, chatting, raking and planning!

It is a beautifully sunny day today.  After this morning's frost, I put layers on before braving the allotment this morning, but they soon came off and got hung up on my shed door.  After a few minutes digging I was down to a long sleeved tea shirt!  It was lovely in the sun, just lovely!

I dug and weeded the old swede and beetroot bed and tidied up all the leaves that had accumulated there over the winter and I re dug and raked last years onion bed too.  Both these pictures show a little of the work done today, as I did continue to dig just to the other side of the leeks that you can see. 

It was hard to take pictures in the bright sunshine!  I also had a go at weeding the back area where the scarecrows are but it's full of brambles and needs some heavy duty work there.  Derek our Allotment Angel has kindly offered to come along with his mattock and give it a good "seeing too" for me this year which will be great as that will really tidy up the plot for good.

So another good 2 hours spent there this morning.  My only problem today was changing the gas cylinder on the camping stove.  You need massive hands and some brut force to extract the old cylinder and then put the new one back in place, but I got there in the end!! (I have small hands and the strength of a sparrow)


Mark N said...

Well done Ali. With the threat of falling roof tiles abating, I too managed to get down the plot for a quick recce today. Things blown about everywhere - I’ll have to put aside a couple of hours for a tidy up tomorrow.

Ali said...

Oh well done Mark - My fingers are crossed that the weather holds out for you tomorrow then! Hopefully you will blog about your achievements??

Maureen said...

Brilliant bit of work there Ali. It was such a fabulous day wasn't it ? We tidied and swept and washed down the garden paths and paved areas. It all looks neat and tidy now. I need to get up to the plot to pick some more purple sprouts.