Saturday, 13 February 2010

News flash - Woman spotted on plot 144 - Digging!

There have been confirmed sightings today, of a small woman, no taller than 5ft, brown long hair and brown eyes, wrapped up warmly in a dark blue jacket and a black scarf, digging, yes digging, ladies and gentlemen!!

Only a small patch was dug over, as the earth, which had before the end of 2009, had some horse manure dug into it, was still a little wet, as it clung to the spade, making digging heavier work than usual.  As one on looker said "At least it's a start!"

More pictures from today......

The broad beans are coming along nicely

The Leeks have done well

And the Greenhouse is in need of a good clean up!

144 is looking sad and in good need of a spruce up.  As the weather improves then so will the plot, especially as the plot holder has loads of time to dedicate to plots 144 and 121 this year!

Watch this space!


Lucky Seven said...

whoo hoo , your beans are coming on brill !

Kella said...

Good for you getting out there today. Maybe I'll have a similar post to share sometime this week.

Jo said...

It's great to be able to get back to the plot and do something productive. I'm going to start some seeds off today, my first of the year.

Hayley-Emsley said...

Looking good Ali!!

Ali said...

Lucky Seven - Yes, they are looking good this year - my secret (which is now no longer a secret) is that I covered them with a mini plastic cloche thing when they first went in to protect them from the birds and the cold!

Kella - Looking forward to reading your post (I follow your blog)

Jo - I couldn't agree more, it felt revitalising and just what I needed! Can't wait for another fine day to get stuck in some more.

Hayley-Emsley - Thanks! p.s. love that pink / purple bike!!