Sunday, 28 February 2010

Last Years Plot Plans.....

I know that this looks terribly complicated, but it all makes complete sense to me.

Throughout the year I made a note of what went where, so it looks like I have planted seeds on top of seeds etc., but that's not the case.

I know exactly what's gone where, so I won't be planting this years potatoes in last years potato beds!

I then had the good sense to note the Autumn to Winter plot plan in October 2009 so I could see where I had dug in manure and where I hadn't quite got round to it!



Jo said...

I only managed to get a small part of the allotment manured in autumn. The rest is waiting to be done, if this weather ever lets up.

MaryAndMungo said...

wow you ARE good! very well annotated and well done for remembering where you put everything. great crop rotation! I am very impressed with your gardening skills and you 'other' skills!

Kella said...

Looking good, now that I have more space in the garden I am struggling to fill it, how strange.