Saturday, 27 February 2010

It's so exciting......

Yes, is very exciting!
It's nearly March,
I now have all the time in the world
I can spend all day on my allotment if I want to
and Spring is around the corner

So whilst it's wet and windy out there, I thought I would dig out my two favourite allotment books...

They have become invaluable over the last 2 years - if there is anything you need to know, and there are no old boys from the allotment available to hand then just pick up one of these!

I am about to have a good read of March, and note down what I need to do.

I have my plot lay out from last year, so I will have to jig it about (to anyone one else, that's crop rotation) and put it down on paper before I am let loose on the plot itself.

The weather for next week is dry and getting milder, so I am "thrilled" with the timings!


Lucky Seven said...

I have both of those two as well!
Signed by John himself !

They are great, one other I can add to that list is 21st Century Smallholder by Paul waddington (eden project book ) It covers animals !!

ISBN 1903913969x

Jo said...

I do hope that it brightens up in March. I haven't been able to get anything done on the allotment yet, it's either been frozen solid, or just too wet and boggy. My rotation plans are all done, so I'm just waiting on the weather now.