Saturday, 10 October 2009

Dig, dig, dig, dig, digging.......

Today's intention was to go to the Trading Hut, stock up on some more onions and buy some large garlic, and then go to 144 to plant them in the raised bed, one along from where they grew last year.

I got to the Trading Hut and I did purchase said supplies, but then the allotment Bramble Beater aka Derek came up to me and said "Ali, I'm at a loose end this morning - lets go and tackle those brambles on 121," so off we went, tools in hand, and got digging......

As you can see to the very front of the picture, lots of brambles are now in place of the courgette, marrow & butternut squash plants.

Derek was on the mattock and the spade, whilst I was on the rake and the fork - sounds like we are in a band doesn't it!!

So as Derek got to the root of the problem, I cleared the brambles and weeds into a large wheelbarrow that was heading for the compost heap or next communal bonfire.

A few hours later and it looked like this!

This is the other end of the plot - BEFORE (you can just make out the black 121 marker to the right top of the picture)

And this is the nearly finished dug over, de rooted plot!

I have now decided, after having a lovely chat with Derek whilst we worked, that I will be putting my Onions (all whites no reds) in along with my Garlic tomorrow, and probably some over wintering broad beans next week.  Then next year I will put my potatoes in this plot and swap my courgettes, marrows and squashes to plot 144.

So, that's plot 121 all worked out.

I ache from top to toe!


Viv said...

The girl done good (and Derek), I've got an Eric who is also a wonderful help and a fantastic cheeky chappie. Made fantastic progress. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Gary Jen and Ruby said...

All very nice and tidy - I'm green with envy!