Saturday, 19 September 2009

September Tidy up......

I started with the greenhouse - all the cucumber plants have gone

And the shelving has been dusted down and the plants that are left have been spaced out

The Tomato plants have been left in place as they still look nice and healthy, and with these recent Autumnal days having been quite warm, I may even get a few of the green ones ripening.

The green chilli plants are still in full production and the green chillies are now, as you can see red chillies!

Even the green pepper is turning red!

I picked the hops today, so tomorrow I will take care of the plants.....

And I tidied up the little flower bed, as most of them had died and the little wooden fence that I put up for decorative purposes had "gone" in so may places, that it was time it went to the wood fire pile.

Last but not least is the little Welcome to my Garden sign which had lost its stem.  This had just rotted way, but the flower head and sign were too good to throw out - A hammer and nail soon had this pretty little thing a new home - attached to the side of my shed!